by our Principles

Our team is deeply encouraged by a strong mindset that keeps focused on pushing the envelope of our current products and vision, which is the backbone of our identity as a company.

Data is our Language

Our philosophy WEEWOO is based on objectivity and the use of reason. In fact, data is our preferred language, and we do not understand when someone speaks to us based on unproven beliefs.

We enhance personal skills and turn them into team learning, which allows us to grow quickly together.

Transparency is Essential

We believe knowledge is key to achieving any goal you have, so you’ll have access to complete information from day one. You will be part of major decisions.

We’ll build an honest, transparent and trustworthy relationship within the team, even if the feedback is tough, because that’s how we’ll learn and improve.

We're the future

Optimistic Warriors

Wartime CEO mindset permeates the mental model of our company. High energy leaders that take responsability head on regardless of any setbacks. 

Comfort Zone Breakers

Onsetting ardous and ambitious goals call for consistent pursuit of efficient decision making with resilience and authenticity. The ambition for achieving the best result is what we aim for. We challenge each other to think outside the box.

Default Alive

Paul Graham defined being Default Alive as;  «If the company is default alive we can talk about ambitious new things they could do. If it’s default dead, we probably need to talk about how to save it.»

We’re Independent

We have grown in a culture of independence and ownership. We like to feel every project we participate in as our own, bringing our own ideas and giving them the proper shape that would help the company move forward. Here at WeeWoo, we’ll be listening to your ideas and expecting you to contribute to make the difference we’re all looking for.

We're A Community

We are a team of young people with a lot of energy and will to work together and bring everyone closer. We try to spend quality time outside the workplace where we can bond and create lifelong relationship based on all the joy and pain we share on a daily basis. There is a lot we can learn from each other and we want to encourage this growth together.

We stay Hungry

As other worldwide leading companies have stated, staying hungry is essential specially for young people like us to achieve growth and succes. We like to believe that our warm and kind vibe is contagious and will get to the core of every new member to join our team.