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In a hyperconnected world, our goal is to take care of people’s needs and offer them extra quality products that can make their lives easier. People’s satisfaction is the main reason why we put so much care even in the little details of our products.

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Product quality & Fun, hand in hand

We have created a quality product where our users can access dozens of face filters. Wanna be Santa Claus? Done. Wanna be a vampire DJ? We’ve got you covered there too. We offer one of the coolest selfie photo, funny filters and voice changer video experiences that exist today with premium monthly, and yearly subscriptions. We know how to monetize and entertain our users.

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Subscription Sales
In The Last Year

Our daily work allows us to improve the user experience and this translates into a progressive increase in sales while achieving positive feedback. Our audience is mainly from Tier 1 countries, becoming increasingly well known.

$52,74 mil

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Case Study

Car Games: Kar Gadi

Social Ads Experts

Thanks to our variety of apps and games, we are constantly testing until finding the key to growth allowing us to discover the most positive impact to our products. Our seriousness when dealing with the vital KPIs of each product allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Rising CR, LTV
And Lowering CPIs

We have managed to improve campaign results in TikTok going from 0.3% of CTR to 2.5% knowing how to appeal to the needs of users and playing with seasonality and world trends. In the Car Games case we have improved x4 installs, x2 higher CR, x3 higher LTV and 25% lowered CPI in the last five months with Google Ads campaigns in Tier 2&3 countries.

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Miami Rope Hero

Specialized In
Increasing Installs

Our team continues to take this app to unsuspected levels of downloads. The techniques used include on and off metadata factors, creatives according to the product and a set of unique strategies that make Weewoo a company specialized in ASO.

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Increase In Downloads

A continuous improvement of the metadata, adapted to each location, together with a detailed analytics to change icons and screens, along with other elements that belong to the Weewoo DNA techniques, make this app exceed 100K installs every day, achieving weekly featurings in asian countries.

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Case Study

My Data

A Profit Powerhouse

Experienced experts handling the most sophisticated mediators in the market and using the latest trends in the hybrid model between Waterfall + Bidding to get the most revenue from ads.

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Ads Revenue

In the case of Copy My Data, we have added new innovative monetisation formats to maximize profits by improving the user experience. +120% revenue in less than a month by adding various formats

Total est. earnings

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